Super Scientific Circus

The Magic of Energy

Join the highly energetic team of Miz Liz and Lisa Lou in an exciting, skillful and comical exploration of renewable energy resources: Solar, Hydroelectric, Biomass, Geothermal and Wind Power. What about our trash? Garbage can not only be recycled, it can be converted to energy! We use a series of comedy magic and circus tricks to explode everyone’s understanding of plasma generators, composting and conservation!
In this duo 45 minute assembly program focusing on educating students grades prek-5 on sustainable energy and waste solutions, you will see a living, dancing stilt tree rapping about the dangers of litter and celebrating the gifts she brings to all of our planet, a real water wheel, lights mysteriously flowing in the cycle of geothermal energy, giant pinwheels and the solar energy game show! The audience is “electrified” in a magically illustrated, participatory chant to emphasize the importance of conservation.